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Coaching is an on-going service during which I will assist you over several sessions.  This is a perfect solution to jump-start your organized life.  The sessions may be anywhere from one to six hours intended to complete individual projects one at a time. 

Often this is the best solution for most clients.  We will begin with a minimum two hour session to assess your needs and determine your habits.  Then we can schedule on-going coaching sessions once a week, once a month, once a quarter...whatever works for you. 

During these coaching sessions, we will work together on a project then assign homework for you to complete before our next session.  We will evaluate your progress one or two projects at a time, and assess the next project as we go.  Together, we will set project goals and priorities, and as your coach, I will help guide and encourage you to keep at it. 

This solution tends to be the most budget-friendly and least stressful option because it's spread out into smaller sessions over longer periods of time, as opposed to several long days all in a row to tackle everything all at once.




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