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Lisa Rothrock Professional OrganizerMy name is Lisa Betters Rothrock, and I am a professional organizer. I have been serving the Rochester, NY area since May 2009, specializing in residential and small business organizing. I  have always been neat and organized and I have a gift of being able to visualize the clutter in a room into the organized space it was meant to be. I know it works, because even while juggling kids, career, family, volunteer activities, etc. I am able to keep my home well-maintained and organized. Because of that I am more productive and happier! Who has time to search through clutter to find what they are looking for?  In my perfect world I wouldn't even have a junk drawer in my kitchen!   


My mission is to help you NOT feel overwhelmed about getting organized. I love working one-on-one with my clients to personalize a system for them.  I have the ability to break down those large projects into small, manageable pieces so the end result is exactly what you are looking to achieve.  I am also a trained lay counselor and I can help you work through the emotions that manipulating your "stuff" might generate.  Remember, this is a process and journey that is life changing.  A clutter free, organized environment to live and work in can bring you more peace, more time and serenity in your life.


Throughout the journey of my life I have been very blessed  to be given opportunities to utilize my talent and gift of being able to help people achieve their goals.  Organizing is my passion in life and I find it so rewarding to work with others to improve their lives.  You may find that you are overwhelmed with your own clutter and don’t know where to begin.  Begin by contacting me today at (585) 752-6622 or email me!





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